Reinforce your Enterprise Architecture team

SABBE Services - Enterprise Architecture

End-to-end EA Consulting Services

The objective is to assign an experienced person to a temporary mission, in order to strengthen your team of architects and to accomplish the tasks that are specific to it: the analysis and the documentation of your company in its current and future states, including the 3 dimensions:

  1. The strategic vision of the company
  2. The business processes
  3. The IT landscape

Guide the deployment of your Architecture Repository

SABBE Services - Architecture Repository

Specific EA Consulting Service

The objective is to support your architecture team in the deployment of a collaborative solution in order to create, publish and update the documentation of the company’s architecture.

The proposed solution integrates the Sparx Enterprise Architect (modeling tool) with online collaboration platforms. It is also recommended that the structure of this directory follows the specifications of the TOGAF standard.

Perform online trainings about Architecture and Digital Transformation

SABBE Services - Online Training

Online Training Services

The objective is to agree, in collaboration with you, on a customized training plan, which can address subjects such as the enterprise architecture, the deployment of a repository for the documentation, or a case study relating to digital transformation.

Practical information:

  • Training support materials are digital only (PDF files)
  • Training sessions performed with Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex