Our 3-step offer for your digital transformation

Step 1: Forget the past

The objective of this step is to take a picture of the current situation, in terms of strategic vision, business processes, data, applications, and technologies. Moreover, we really care about the following characteristics:

  • At first, we drive the measurement of the performances of the business activities and the IT systems.
  • After that, we analyze the strenghts and the opportunities that should increase the survivability and the success of the enterprise.
  • At the end, we look at the weaknesses and the threats that the enterprise should avoid, or decrease its exposure to.

In this step, we don’t want to explain why the entreprise got itself into this situation. But we are more interested in the answers to the 2 following questions:

  • What are the challenges that the enterprise took or is taking up?
  • How does or did the enterprise react to these challenges?

In other words, forget the past but not the experience!

Step 2: Change the present

In this step, we identify the short term actions to improve of the current situation. To clarify, the purposes of these are dedicated to:

  • Solve a problem identified in the previous step or, similarly, realize a “quick win”
  • Certainly, add an immediate value to the enterprise

In step 2, we also continue the analysis activities with the preparation of the long term vision for the digital transformation. Therefore, we develop a plan that answer the questions in 5 domains:

  1. Customer: To what extend are we caring more about the customers?
  2. Competition: How are we gaining advantages from the competition?
  3. Data: Are we taking up the data challenges?
  4. Innovation: Are we solving the right problem?
  5. Value: How are we anticipating the evolutions?

In summary, identify the changes of today and plan those of tomorrow!

Step 3: Build the future