Architecture Collaborative Solution

To build the documentation library, we follow the standard TOGAF® to organize the documentation of the enterprise architecture in a well-defined and re-usable structure:

Architecture Repository

Main folders:

  • Architecture Metamodel
  • Reference Library
  • Standards Information Base
  • Architecture Landscape
  • Solution Landscape
  • Architecture Requirements
  • Governance Log
  • Architecture Capability

Because the documentation is created and used by many architects at the same time, we need to deploy an online repository that guarantees:

  • the access rights for each member, based on the assigned roles
  • the management of the different versions of the documentation
  • the integration with the tool used by the architect to create the architecture models

Online Repository
Sparx Enterprise Architect

To be able to achieve these objectives, we recommend the Pro Cloud Server of Sparx Systems

Finally, we build an efficient communication plan that presents the architecture work in accessible forms for all stakeholders:

  • Directors and top management
  • Managers and domains experts
  • Project and testing teams
  • Corporate architecture community

Communication Platform

To meet the stakeholders’ expectations for the communication, we recommend Prolaborate of Sparx Systems

For any question, feel free to reach us by e-mail.